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"Yoga is a way of moving into stillness in order to experience the TRUTH (Satya) of who you are." 

~ Erich Shiffmann

What are the program dates in Sedona, AZ?

Each weekend intensive is from 8am - 6pm Saturday & Sunday on the following dates:

January 21st & 22nd

February 11th & 12th

March 11th & 12th

April 8th & 9th

May 6th & 7th

June 10th & 11th

July 7th - 9th

Can I participate virtually?

Yes, you can participate in this program from anywhere on the planet.

Begin: February 18th, 2023

Soul Investment: $4,444. 

Do you have to be a yoga instructor to enroll in the Revolutionary Leadership Immersion?

No. This program is designed for those who are already on the path of personal growth, healing and development. You must have a regular yoga practice that inspires you to dive deeper within. 

What is a Yo Soy Satya Revolutionary Leader?

This is someone who knows that change is an inside job. Meaning if you are called to be a gamechanger in our world, then you already know that a deep dive inward is THE PATH to create lasting positive change both within and out. Whether you are a parent, boss, friend, mentor, teacher, healer, guide, counselor, therapist, family member, coach, or anyone else who knows their value in who they come into contact with is a Leader. What makes a Yo Soy Satya Revolutionary Leader is someone who is willing to heed the call to embody a deeper truth of who they are so they can inspire others to do the same. 

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